Gratitude is not an emotion.  It is a state of being.

Gratitude is more than thankfulness.  It is the warm glow of knowing and accepting who and what you are.

Gratitude has nothing to do with “thank you.”  It has everything to do with displaying actions over words.

Gratitude does not have a specific place or time.  It is an eternal motion.

Gratitude is not a feeling of belonging.  It is the need to belong in one’s proper place.

Gratitude does not come for those who wait.  It passes by those who do not serve and obey.

Gratitude does not live in fantasy.  It delights in the sacrifices of reality.

It is through gratitude that white male animals are humbled and rendered owned.

It is in gratitude that the white male animal heart finds its most authentic self. 

It is because of gratitude that white male animals understand gratification.

When gratitude falters, WMAs lose direction and value.  

When gratitude shames, it benefits the WMA soul.

When gratitude hurts, accept it with joy.

How do you show your gratitude to Black Authority?

How deeply do you feel gratitude for Black Authority?

Do you publicly display gratitude to Black Authority?

Take the Seeds of Origin challenge:

Over the next seven days, at every possible opportunity, go out into the world and express your gratitude for Black Authority. Report your challenge results here, as they happen.

Black Authorities deserve your displays of gratitude.  Never deprive them of this time-honored experience.  For the best impact, consider non-verbal displays.  When verbal presentations are necessary, remember your lowly status in relationship to Black Authority must be visible.

WMAs should never hide behind shyness, fear of reprisal, or discomfort when expressing gratitude.  Black Authorities have no use for these emotions in their white male animals.  Their only purpose other than as potential amusement is as ammunition for further exploitation by Black Authorities.

Gratitude should always come from the heart — not the head and not from feelings of obligation.  Black Authorities know the difference, and their responses will mirror that fact.

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