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white boys have such a difficult time because the false white narrative tells them to be something they can never be. White males are naturally submissive, obedient followers. Pushing them to be “men” causes emotional and mental instability. With no natural dominant features they turn to violence, guns, and consumerism to fill in the gaps. It’s no surprise that they focus their violence and hate toward Superior Black Men. Luckily white males are weak mentally and emotionally. It only takes one instance of an adult white male to be put in its proper place to alter its brain chemistry permanently. When the white male submits to the Superior Black Man, even it’s only internally, it is overwhelmed by the feelings of freedom and safety and will crave more. The white male reverts to its original place as a kind of intelligent livestock and craves the satisfaction it gets from obedience and submission. This problem can be stopped before it starts. Black Boys and Girls need to be taught that they are Superior from day one. If every white child was put in its proper place a few times by a Superior Black Child, both groups would grow and develop the proper attitudes to live happy productive lives.

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