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I was sent southern prison when I was 19 for buying meth from dealer for a bachelor party I was best man to. Little did I know the dealer wàs on the take and after purchased was pulled over and arrested taken the city jail for overnight. They told me the next day I be sent south to large 3 county prison. When I arrived by bus I was only 1 white guy to 16 black men riding bus to prison. Bus stopped in front of prison where we were met by the Head warden of facility and his 2 Top Ranking officers. We unloaded and headed to processing hold which was an isle between fenced courtyards. Prisoners who mostly black were whistle calling, verbally cussing, lewd comments of us newbies to prison. We get in holding and was told to strip naked all 17 of us to see prison doctor and shower and get orange suits. It was first time this white seen Black men they didn’t live out in my area of state let alone naked Black Men. They just dropped clothes didn’t hide their junk stood total naked. I was only white guy in group and dam the Black men were muscled, cut, hung thick dicks, big hanging butts. Slowly we were called to see doctor I was half way through when my name was called, the Head Warden led me and his 3 Top officers down hallway into room. Doctor told me to come forward. The doctor asked questions of health then asked if I was gay said he’ll no I was engaged to be married. He said he had to check my anal cavity for me to bend over spread my ass cheeks, he said you sure not faggot.i said fuck no, Dr starts fingering me and Head Warden said he has push white pink hole, he ain’t never had dick up his pussy. He still has his cherry very good. So Doctor gave me pill and I had to drink bottle and was then led down hallway but different direction where the others came back to. I was naked led then to stairwell going down where I followed Head warden like down into basement and when walked further came to open room with bed chains looked like bdsm heat and further back was open shower stall with hose down. They turned looked at me told me I am going to be their drugged faggot bitch fuck pussi. The meth I bought saw on table with syrenges and told me I will be their personal white pussy bitch going be turned out and owned by Black Bulls. I could see massive bulges going down their pants legs and I could tell I had no choice. I was first to go to shower to begin my clean out and my whole body was shaven hairless not one hair anywhere on my body. They they brought me back room put faggot collar on my neck chained me to a bench was given and told me to not move gave me a point or slam in my dick vein and it was OVER!!

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