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    Sir, thank you for all the incredible work that has gone into this site and more importantly thank you for providing the philosophical underpinnings and real world practical advice for exposing the Great Lie and helping WMA’s find their true place as owned chattel for Black Authority.

    1) Should Black Men who are under the age of 18 be taught about the Seeds of Origin so they can begin to assume their rightful place as owners and rulers upon achieving the age of maturity?

    2) How do Black Queens fit into the system? Should they also own WMAs?

    3) Is it appropriate to use the fluids of WMAs to inseminate white women to create more WMAs for use as beasts of burden or is it better to encourage eventual extinction?

    4) What do you recommend for WMAs who may already be married and who may have legal and financial obligations to the white whelps they have sired? Can they also be acquired for household service or can they serve remotely or in other ways?

    5) Do you ever anticipate a virtual or face to face gathering for Black Authority members (and possibly their WMAs) to strengthen the movement?

    In many ways the Seeds of Origin philosophy seems almost like a religion and being classified as such, with Black Authority members and property claiming these truths as sincerely held religious beliefs may afford additional legal protections for this work and protect the profits of the movement.

    Respectfully submitted,
    slave jonas

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