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    December is the official Seeds of Origin Awareness Month — a time for expanding and sharing your knowledge of white male animal-hood and Black Authority.

    This forum is where animals may submit written, audio, or video files embracing their animal-hood.  Asian, white-Hispanic, and Middle Eastern animals may also participate.

    Black, Asian, Middle Eastern, and non-white-Hispanic Authorities may also submit written, audio, or video files embracing their superiority over all male animal livestock.


    Hello, I am a young white male animal. I have be lucky enough to learn, understand, accept my place as an inferior white male at a young age. White males have been given false benefits in the world for far too long. We are inferior to all, we should be viewed as inventory to our owners. We are not submissive but slaves to being below our superiors: K9s and Black Men. I understand being a white male animal requires obligations, requirements, and commitments. I truly believe in and understand my place as a white male animal, I am thankful for learning the truth and will stay committed to benefiting my superiors.


    I am a white male animal and I realized that I was different but didn’t have a name for it until later in life. I know that I was born to be owned by a Superior Black Bull REAL MAN as his slave property. That I only live and I only exist for his pleasure, happiness, financial gain and sexual satisfaction by worshiping Him as the Black GOD on earth that He is. Providing labor, entertainment, and fulfilling His sexual needs as His personal white fuckslave whore piece of property.



    I congratulate it on its early realization and acceptance of its inferior animal status. No many are lucky enough to have such knowledge so early. Most have to either be harshly inducted or enticed well after they have become engrained into the confines of the Great Lie. By this time, bad habits are hard to break, and re-education comes with an emotional and physical price to the animal.

    It is good to hear that it understands there is a difference between a submissive and a slave. But there is also a more significant difference between a slave and an animal. Still, there is a more distinct difference between the submissive, the slave, the white male animal, and the K9. There is a natural hierarchy that can not be confused or adulterated — it must be respected and revered.

    Knowing and understanding its place in this hierarchy is the very definition of self-fulfillment and equilibrium.


    The primary difference it was experiencing is that it was aware of what it was. In contrast, most white male animals are not so blessed. Some animals are born with a bit of intuitive knowledge of their status, purpose, and potential. Others are not and thus are easily lead into believing the Great Lie that has spoiled generations of white stock from the earliest of times.

    Its goals and realized purpose are admirable and deserving of a pat on the head, a sturdy collar, and a worthy Seeds of Origin Black household to serve.

    Its use of the term “Black Bull” is offensive. Such terms tend to refer back to a period of American history (and European slavery of Africans), resulting from the Great Lie’s perpetuation. White animals should cease and desist all use and reference to such terminology.


    Seedsoforigin: Thank you for teaching me the difference between a submissive, a slave, a white male animal, and k9s. I now understand that I do wish to be and am a white male animal. Through your writings I have learned the natural hierarchy and am excited to continue learning under you as the WMA book 2 releases. I will continue to work hard and learn properly.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)
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