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    i have always known that i was meant to be a fag for a Real Man. Growing up with not much diversity i did not think about the obvious differences and Superiority of Black Men. I was fortunate to not be exposed to much racism but how much of that was in relation to there not being enough Black and diversity even might have sheltered it.

    but when i turned 16 and was out of the house and became pretty much unmonitored. i was shocked to find not just a gay boy much age, but a black one. He was always a little more submissive and i didn’t like it because i knew he was living in a place where i a young cracker knew there was no diversity. We had a lot of fun until college and went our own ways.

    i probably reconciled much of this by 26. it just clicked and long before i became the slutty cumdump i am or wish to be. i couldn’t look at any hot Black guy without imagining being His. i wasn’t chasing but when it came about, i would be on my knees or back without thinking.

    having done research on evolution and the continents moving. it did make sense. Africa, Egypt and the north are important i believe in everything that happened after. it stands to reason that is the oldest part of the surface of the earth that we know of that sustained life. but too much to think about.

    i realized i reached a new level of this a few years ago in conversing with a white boy who was very much up on NWO and after time thinking i came to realize he was right to think the way he did and realized that subconciously i have felt that way since all the way back to 16.

    but even further than that, the other day i was looking at porn on bdsmlr and came across something that i can only describe as backwards. Black guys servicing white guys was the theme. i was disgusted, i looked at two or three and i wish i could have seen the look on my face. i was truly disgusted with it. how could this be? they are more fucked up than me on my wildest day. There are Black guys servicing and being slaves to white masters.. i unfollowed the blog.

    the day after i realized that my response was similar to that of someone taking a dump behind a dumpster that 1) wasn’t expecting 2) not into it 3) goes against some sort of unexplained core fiber that i don’t even acknowledge or give enough credit to..

    so my confession is simple. i know and have always known Black Men are superior and have yet to be proven otherwise and as far as the NWO.. it should have happened years ago.


    As a white sissy who denied it’s true self for years, only to end up back on its knees or back serving superior black men, I relate to this post so much!
    Very well written and so true! I have always known that black men are far far superior. So happy to have embraced my true place and self serving superior black men

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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