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    The Initial Approach is key to developing a long term service-oriented arrangement between Man and animal.  Remember, service-oriented is not about sex — it is about utility and benefit.  This forum is a safe place to discuss, explore, and share everything related to the Initial Approach.

    • White Male Animals:
      Do you wait for Black, Middle Eastern, and Asian Superiors to approach you? Or do you make your animal status known by presenting yourself?
    • Black, Middle Eastern, and Asian Authorities:
      Do you expect white male animals to present themselves to you as service animals?  Or do you prefer to indoctrinate and entice them without an awareness of your intent?

    Forum Rules:

    • Never use legal personal names
    • Do not use for “outing” individuals other than yourself
    • Photos and videos must be of you or you must have a “Right of Use” before posting

    it tries to make its animal status known the best it can by presenting itself to BLACK SUPERIORS

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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